We are value investors

Our mission is to significantly increase the wealth of our investors, measured by the compound annual growth rate (CAGR), over a long period of time. We also want to build a trusting, long-term relationship with all our partners. Only then can we be successful together - through good times and bad.

We are the intitator and investment adviser of the P&R REAL VALUE fund. The fund is an alternative investment fund based in Luxembourg.

We invest concentrated in a select few companies – usually between 10 and 20, only after very intensive research and sometimes only after several years of building trust with the company's management team.

Rigorous selection

We always compare price with value. Within the spectrum of value investing we prefer investing in great businesses, that can grow for a long time. We call these candidates young elephants.

Young elephants

Just as we see ourselves as long-term partners in the businesses we own, investors should see themselves as long-term partners in our fund. If you know the true long-term value of a business, you don't need to lose sleep over stock market gyrations.


Managing Director

had more than 12 years experience in sales & trading (Citigroup etc.) before he changed his career to investing. He has an MBA from London Business School and Columbia Business School where he specialised in value investing.


Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stark

Former Chief Economist of the European Central Bank

"Central banks overstep their mandate. They put peoples’ savings at risk. Polleit and Riechert provide a solution by investing long-term in great businesses."
Robert Vinall

Value Investor, RV Capital

"Matthias is one of my favourite peers to chew over investment cases with."
Karl Reichmuth

Private Banker

"Thinking and acting with a long-term perspective has become key. This is how Thorsten Polleit and Matthias Riechert work for the benefit of their investors."

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Investing is based on trust. You can read about what we have said and what we have done in our semi-annual letters.

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